Google Adwords Customer Match Email Data

Target clients with BDP email data using Google AdWords Customer Match.

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15 Million Global B2B & B2C Email Records for Google Customer Match

BDP Email Data works seamlessly with Customer Match delivering an extremely targeted tool.

What is Google Customer Match

AdWords Customer Match lets you show ads to your potential customers based on data about those customers that you share with Google. BDP can supply emails lists of your ideal clients.

How it works

1. You upload a data file of BDP email addresses that you would like to target

2. You create or update a campaign to target your Customer Match audience – customers from your uploaded data file who are Google users.
3. When those users are signed in to their Google account, they see your ads as they use Google Search, YouTube and Gmail.

Email Data

BDP Email data can be uploaded to Google and set to advertise on the search network, gmail and also YouTube

We can supply both opt in B2B & B2C email data for use with Google Customer Match

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To find out how BDP Agency can help your business, please complete this form and we'll be in touch.


About BDP Agency

BDP specialise in consultancy and the management of marketing campaigns requiring worldwide international business data and UK consumer data.

We offer a comprehensive marketing resource for B2B and B2C telemarketing data, direct mail and consumer email marketing database campaigns.

Our BDP team will design, implement and manage your campaign around your strategic goals. Our strategic approach is guaranteed to give you outstanding results.


We work with major national and international corporate brands to make sure their marketing strategy works harder for them – by providing highly effective consumer database lists and top quality market intelligence and a talented team of data experts for campaign management.