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GDPR Compliance

BDP Agency Awards & Training in Data Protection Regulation

As well as being registered with the ICO as outlined above, here are some of the companies that have provided training and assistance in both the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation to BDP Agency and we are pleased to announce that our staff have passed all their training with distinctions and received certificates in each case.

IDM Award in General Data Protection Regulation

IDM Logo

Principles of Data Protection and Data Control

Griffin House Consultancy

All staff are also provided with a “Data Protection Act & Security Course” during the first few weeks of their employment with our business to ensure that our company is working to the same level of service company wide.

Further Resources – Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

ICO Information Commissioners Office

  1. There are some great videos on the ICO youtube channel as further resource https://www.youtube.com/user/icocomms
  2. There is also a register for every Data Controller to notify the ICO. More than 400,000 organisations are currently registered. Are you registered yet? Here is the link, it takes approximately 15 minutes and for most companies, the cost is £40.00. https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/register/