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Data Cleansing Services

Identify revenue in your contacts

If your sales team beat their targets, because your contact database held all the best up-to-date prospects who wanted your business, we bet you’d be happy.

We can help you cleanse your current base and update all your prospects which saves you excessive cost in overheads.

Data Cleansing Services

The success of a high-impact campaign is all in the planning and ensuring your database is accurate.

Before starting your campaign, we strongly recommend data cleansing to refresh and update your existing contacts.

Our data cleansing services start with a complimentary assessment of your existing data, then provide you with a quotation for updating the contacts.

Our market intelligence team will:

  • Analyse your marketing strategy
  • Update relevant records
  • Fill in gaps in existing records
  • Remove duplicates
  • Recommend additional contacts

This ensures that your addresses are current and your contact database is brought right up-to-date and returned in a user-friendly format.

Data Screening

For direct marketing purposes, data screening is essential for good practice and for data compliance. Here are some of the files we can screen against before you carry out your campaigns:

  • Corporate telephone preference (CTPS)
  • Mailing preference service (MPS)
  • Goneaway suppression (GAS)
  • Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF)
  • Telephone validation live (TVL)

This screening ensures that you only contact relevant businesses throughout your campaign.

  • Build and grow your existing client relationships
  • Turn your existing contact database into a comprehensive and efficient sales tool
  • Keep your records up-to-date and accurate
  • Gain new market intelligence and highly-targeted new contacts


Client Testimonial

“With a deep knowledge of all things data, BDP provided a great service to one of my clients.

if you have any issues with database integrity, data cleansing or data supply, I can recommend Jane’s services.

Mike Dean
Hamilton Bradshaw Partners

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