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Build trust and engagement

What if your annual results went through the roof, because your product consistently hit the right target market, your staff were trained customer relations pros and your company contact database worked like a dream?

We have over 10 years experience in data and marketing solutions and love to share our knowledge, through 1-2-1 data consultancy or training courses for your staff.

Data Consultancy Service

Many clients come to us simply to purchase a B2B company database, however the reality is that delivering a first class marketing campaign, takes resources, expertise and a carefully planned, strategic approach.

Strategic marketing

That’s why we provide data consultancy and strategic marketing alongside our data because it is the best way to help our clients achieve outstanding results.

We can help your business:

  • Analyse your current contacts and model your best clients
  • Devise a clear marketing strategy to achieve your aims
  • Research new marketing channels
  • Train your staff in your company database management and marketing

We can work with your team, and we are happy to visit your premises to help implement a strategic marketing plan which can consist of:

  • Cleansing your current base to update your contacts, remove duplicates and add relevant new fields
  • Making recommendations for the right marketing channels to use

Implementation is key

Implementing your campaign and coordinating follow up in the most effective format helps:

  • Identify further income streams and develop a wider database based on your client profile
  • Turns your existing contact database into a streamlined, accurate and efficient sales tool
  • Take a professional approach to building client relationships
  • Make sure your campaign matches your strategic aims
  • Provide ongoing support, expertise and market intelligence

Client Testimonial

“BDP played an important role in a campaign for the elections. They created a huge amount of interest and the results were successful.

We are impressed with the work carried out and would recommend.”

Cristina George
The National Trust


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