How to Set up a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Setting up a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Many companies which don’t have the budget (or the time) to invest in advertising their product in print publications or on television turn to direct mail marketing campaigns. Which, is an effective marketing method. That allows you to test the market for your product relatively easily, cheaply, efficiently[…]

Marketing Lists – Improve Your Online Digital Marketing

5 Tips To Improve Digital Marketing With Marketing Lists There would be no greater achievement for marketers than an ever-growing number of customers. However, in this modern era, this can be very difficult to achieve, not only because of the fierce market competition, but also due to the challenges you will face in maximizing the[…]

Why Business Mailing Lists and Market Research are Essential

Why are Mailing Lists and Market Research Essential? Business Market research is essential in every business. Basically for any business and brand’s success. Therefore organisations must recognise the benefits that can come from purchasing market research. As it’s crucial for setting targets and goals. And it shouldn’t be just a one-off exercise. Therefore, it will[…]

9 Steps to Launch a Successful Marketing Campaign

9 Steps To Increase Your Direct Marketing Campaigns Success Traditionally direct marketing campaigns came in the form of direct mail and telemarketing. But as we are now in the digital age, email marketing and social media has transformed direct marketing. Meaning you can now approach your customer base in real-time.

Targeted Marketing Lists – Identify Your Ideal Customers

Pinpointing The Ideal Audience For Targeted Marketing Lists Prior to starting any B2B marketing campaign, you must first be clear on who your target market is and identify your ideal customer. An ideal customer would be someone who’s interested in your product or service, who can pay for the product/service, and who has the authority[…]

Direct Mailing Success

Find Success Within Direct Mail When it comes to marketing these days, newer methods such as social media tend to grab headlines. However, for some organisations, direct mail marketing remains very effective. In addition, it’s been stated that some audiences respond better to direct mail than they do to the newer marketing methods. Although there[…]

Reach Out To Customers – Buy A Customer Database

Buy a customer database and get more sales today. When undertaking business to business marketing, you need to ensure that you are not sending out unwanted communications. There is strong protection in place to prevent customers from being bombarded with information they don’t want. Ignoring this can have a significant impact on both your brand[…]

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