What is a b2b mailing list?

What is the use of a b2b mailing list? When you purchase a new B2B data list, the essential part is to use the list to its full potential to turn your prospects into new clients. It may sound obvious, although sometimes companies dive into purchasing B2B data without considering who they are targeting. Or[…]

What is Business to Business Marketing

Business to Business Marketing – What is the Future? It’s tough to imagine how fast technology has led to the transformation of society in the last century. Yet as the saying goes, ‘the only constant thing in life is change’. Likewise, given how fast the technological world has been progressing and changing. So how will[…]

Your Marketing Strategies, 8 Effective Ways of improvement

With marketing it can be extremely tricky to achieve the results you want. Not losing sight of your goals is crucial. It is crucial to learn effective marketing strategies to increase your chances for success. 1. Blogging If you don’t have a business blog yet, you should start one as soon as possible. A blog[…]

What is B2B and Which Industries Cover B2B Companies?

What is B2B – Understanding B2B Companies? Business-to-business (B2B), also called B-to-B, involves business conducted between companies rather than between a company and individual consumers. The most straightforward short term measurement is to look at conversion rates – sales generated as a direct result of a particular campaign. For example, how many units did I[…]

B2B Data For Your 2021 Marketing Campaigns

Using B2B Data In Your Marketing Campaigns Throughout 2021 Now that many people are returning to work after months of working from home, marketing departments will be giving their all to generate more business. It is important to touch up your marketing strategy to push on in 2021 and ensure that you have the appropriate[…]

BDP Agency Review

A Strategic Marketing Agency and Experts in B2B Data BDP Agency Review We specialise in consultancy and the management of marketing campaigns requiring business data. We offer a comprehensive marketing resource for B2B business data and direct mail, email and telemarketing campaigns. Our BDP team will design, implement and manage your campaign around your strategic[…]

B2B Database UK – BDP Plus Universe

B2B Database UK – Marketing Intelligence BDP’s Business+ Data Universe is an untouched source. Experience response rates your business has never seen before. This is an ideal starting point for your next marketing campaign. Our UK B2B Databases and International counterparts will help your business expand its marketing reach. This gives you the best opportunity[…]

Is Your B2B Database Marketing Letting You Down?

Could your B2B database be out of date? Do you think your B2B database marketing is letting you down? Are you getting lower response rates than usual? When sending out your B2B data marketing campaign whether it be direct mail, telemarketing or email you want to make sure that you have the most up to[…]

BDP and GDPR Compliance Requirements

Our FAQ’s on GDPR and Compliance Requirements One of our new clients recently asked us for further information on the new Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. So we have included here a transcript of our call to assist others. Alongside some of the common questions asked to B2B data providers in[…]

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