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Marketing Data

Find your ideal clients with our accurate targeted marketing data lists. 15 Million Global Marketing Data Records

Marketing Data

Why Choose Our Marketing Data Lists?

  • 100% data guarantee
  • GDPR + DPA compliant
  • UK’s only data owner
  • Approx 15,000,000 global & 5,000,000 UK contacts
  • Personal B2B Email, Telephone & Direct Mail

Find your ideal clients with our accurate targeted marketing data lists. At the same time, we are the only marketing database provider in the UK offering a 100% guarantee too.

Business Data Prospects are extremely proud to be the United Kingdoms only marketing data owner.

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Our B2B Marketing data includes company name, address, telephone number, contact details and personal B2B email address—also, selections such as global location, turnover, employee size, job titles, preferences and many more.

Therefore, we are recognised globally for marketing data purchases. As a result one of the main reasons for this is ensuring that all of our data has passed through five different checks and verifications. Consequently, we do this to provide optimal accuracy and the most up-to-date data in the industry.

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    Different Marketing Data.

    Our Market Intelligence Team will help provide you with targeted marketing data lists by researching contacts that meet your chosen criteria. This transforms business data into effective market intelligence via industry sources using marketing data analysis.

    Compared to other data providers, our process is slightly different in the way we work. As a strategic marketing agency, we specialise in providing bespoke types of marketing data and managing campaigns requiring data.


    All data from within the EU is subject to new GDPR and Data Protection laws. Therefore, all of our data is compliant with these standards.

    Business Data Prospects follow the model clauses and conditions of transfer that have been put into effect. We do this to ensure that we maintain adequate levels of data protection and remain compliant under the commission to Firstly, Secondly, hold, Thirdly process and most importantly, transfer data internationally. Furthermore, we are also, registered with the ICO too.

    All subsequent marketing is monitored to ensure your campaign remains compliant.

    Marketing Data Guarantee.

    With over 5 million businesses in the UK alone, we constantly analyse this market to ensure we provide only the highest quality data to our clients. We are so confident that we exclusively provide a 100% guarantee. No other company in the UK offers this.

    Accurate Marketing Data.

    Accurate business marketing data is the key to a successful campaign. Our team have the ability to help you reach your perfect customers. This is because we research contacts and identify those who match your precise specifications.

    “Really happy with the service and data supplied by BDP. They’re very professional in their approach and always willing to go the extra mile. I would definitely recommend them and will be using them for future projects.”

    – Linda Shepherd

    A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

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    Firstly, let us know the requirements for your campaign. Information we have includes; Business name. Full address. Personal contact name. Personal email address. Position / Job Title. Telephone. Trade / Industry. Employees.

    GDPR Compliant Marketing Data

    Secondly, our GDPR compliance ensures all packages are ideal for email, telephone and direct mail.

    Marketing Data Lists

    Thirdly, we have researched top decision makers in all industries and here are some marketing data examples; Manufacturing. Engineering. Construction. Financial. Accountants. Solicitors. Architects. Hotels. Fleet Managers.


    At Business Data Prospects, we cross-reference all marketing information against three main sources; Companies House, BT and Royal Mail. In addition, we carry out in-depth checks with the above sources here. This allows us to verify new contacts, identify and update dissolved companies and update changes of Directors and many other segmentations too.


    Our market research ensures that you will receive the freshest and most effective marketing data in the industry. Before we can add any contact to our database, our contact centre will validate further contact details. The checked information includes fields such as job titles, positions and personal B2B email addresses.

    Our data validation begins by checking against Royal Mail address details. Secondly, by referencing ‘gone away’ files, we ensure accuracy by suppressing relevant records. Afterwards, to verify email addresses, our in-house system controlled by our market research team run checks and is carried out upon ordering. Furthermore, we verify telephone numbers with British Telecom. BT will ensure that the lines are active and in use. Verifying telephone numbers is the final check-in of our verification process. All stages take place 2-3 days before the despatch of the order to you, our client.


    You may currently be unsure of the lawful grounds for processing data. Before you begin processing, you must determine your lawful basis from one of the 6 lawful grounds. What are these exactly?

    GDPR web 2

    Our resources section explains more about our GDPR policies.

    BDP Email Data & GDPR

    Our licensing and terms and conditions ensure that all purchases from us and any consequent marketing undergone is GDPR-compliant. GDPR regulations consist of rules regarding the processing of data and its purpose, as well as documenting use and possession when buy email database uk.


    Of course, over the past 10+ years, our talented team of business data experts have taken part in helping many brands improve their marketing strategies. Certainly, they have made campaigns hit harder and drive better results. Along with the experience of campaign management, our team have built and developed a strong knowledge of the industries we research. Furthermore, this allows us to combine qualitative research with market intelligence. Above all, this allows us to provide fresh and responsive business data. As a result, we give you the edge over your competition and, to summarise, give your campaign the push to be successful.


    In like manner we place you ahead of your competitors with fresh data for your campaigns. Hence, our unique approach to data collection is centred around building the best relationships in particular. We find that simply increasing the number on your contact list is not the most efficient method. Growing your business with marketing data alongside market intelligence is an easy yet effective way to introduce your company. Similarly, you will also see a boost in your marketing data analytics. Start new relationships and build on future clients today.


    Within our marketing databases, especially, we can provide further field selections. This helps you segment your perfect target audience in particular. Of course, In addition, fields are dependent on the data provided. However, we outline this in all counts and quotes. We currently have access to 15 million B2B records globally. Our bespoke market researched data spans across the globe. Therefore, we allow you to target a wide range of countries and continents. Let an account manager know your important marketing data selections.

    Free Data Quote.

    Our same day counts and quotes let you know exactly what we have to your requirements. We provide these free of charge, and they come with no obligation. If you are still unsure, do not hesitate, give us a call or request a callback. One of our account managers will be happy to discuss your campaign and what you require. After that, we can then run a count and see exactly what we have available. The process is fast and easy. Get started today.

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