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Looking to buy GDPR compliant mailing lists. Delivered with a 100% guarantee for your marketing campaigns?

Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists - key facts

We are extremely proud to be the only data owner based in the United Kingdom. Therefore we take great pride in our international recognition for data purchases. All mailing lists have passed through our extensive tiers of five checks and validations. Therefore our mailing lists deliver the most effective data results in the industry.

Being a data owner ensures that we provide the most accurate and up to date contact details currently available. In addition to accompany this, we are the UK’s only data provider that supplies a 100% guarantee.

Business Data Prospects’ mailing lists will enable your company to get their message out to the ideal contacts. In other words helping you target companies with a legitimate interest in your services both across the UK and Internationally.

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We work differently from other mailing list providers. Our unique work as a strategic marketing agency allows us to specialise in providing bespoke data marketing campaigns. Our comprehensive mailing lists are comprised of direct mail data. Although we also offer the option to enhance your mailing lists by adding fully verified email and telephone details. In conclusion this enables you to approach the contacts via several different channels, for a more targeted approach.

Accurate Mailing Lists.

All our mailing lists are built bespoke for clients through in-depth market research as we believe there is no such thing as one size fits all. Our market research team are experts in identifying companies that fit your criteria and sourcing the most up-to-date contacts. This ensures our mailing lists are highly effective and guaranteed to get you the best results.


We have full confidence in our market research to create useful business intelligence. For example, did you know that we are the only business mailing lists provider that offer a 100% guarantee across the UK?


BDP Agency is GDPR compliant; our mailing lists meet the standards of data protection. This means we satisfy the fair and lawful processing requirement of data protection. With this in mind, by doing business with us, your marketing campaigns will remain compliant too. Furthermore we are ICO registered.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Are you searching for a specialised B2B mailing list?

We offer access to 5,000,000 data records in the UK & 15,000,000 globally. This means our data team can tailor our mailing lists to fit your specific requested criteria. Which in turn above all gives your campaign the edge when reaching out to the desired contacts.

Data Filters


We can identify by industry SIC codes, location, company size. Or any specification your mailing lists need through market research. We are constantly analysing the market to ensure that we provide only the highest quality data. See mailing list example here.

International Data Lists

Multiple Use

Above all our data is licensed on a 12 month multiple use licence. The industry standard usage is 12 email sends per month. However we have doubled the usage. Allowing you an average of 2 sends per month. Not only does this allow you to build more business relationships but even stronger ones.

Business Data

Campaign Management

Turn mailing lists into sales. Let our fulfilment team save you time and coordinate a hassle-free campaign. Let us manage the fulfilment of printing and mailing out your direct mail campaign. similarly we can also run a full email broadcast of your companies HTML creative through our in-house white listed email system.

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Our mailing list data is comprised from our market research and three main data sources; Companies House, BT and Royal mail. After that we have a strict verification process to ensure complete accuracy. This includes verifying new contacts, identifying and updating companies which have dissolved, changes and updates of Directors as well as other segmentations.


The first stage of our verification process would be validating our data against Companies House and then Royal Mail for address details. Initially we check against ‘gone away’ files which means that we can ensure further accuracy and suppress relevant records. Next, our contact centre validates fields daily. For instance additional fields are then verified before the contact is updated on our base Additional fields are also verified, including job titles, positions, and personal B2B email addresses. Our market research team then verifies all emails by running them through our in house system. Which is also carried out at the point of order. The final piece of our research is to ensure telephone lines are live and in use. We do this by verifying this with BT. To sum up, all of the above steps are performed within 2-3 days before the despatch of the mailing lists to our clients.


When you process data you are required to determine a lawful basis beforehand. There are 6 lawful grounds. Contract, Legal obligations, Consent, Vital Interests, Public task and Legitimate Interest. There is no such basis which is better or more important than another. With this in mind what does each lawful ground mean?

GDPR for B2B Data Processing

“I definitely recommend using this company, staff are exceptionally helpful and friendly. They see to any matter or issues immediately, especially Laura Armitage, as soon as you send an email she calls you. They are secure and follow all the guidelines of GDPR.”
– Property Ladder Group

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Find your perfect electronic mailing list today

When you buy business mailing lists from BDP, our data teamwork with you to identify contacts that fit your business criteria.Therefore giving you the best results on your campaigns. This applies to both our mailing lists UK and international.

Successful business to business campaigns are about building relationships. When you buy B2B mailing lists from us, our multiple-use license gives you the flexibility to reach out to contacts multiple times to build and develop strong business relationships..


Our team of talented B2B data experts have great experience in assisting national and international brands with their campaigns, This helps them get the most from their strategies and campaigns. Our quality research and market intelligence enables you to save time giving you peace of mind for a successful campaign. Furthermore, our streamlined mailing list service means that you can begin your marketing within 24-48 hours. 


We have a process in place enabling us to provide same day counts and quotes. All complimentary and come with no obligation to buy mailing lists.
Get in touch, and one of our dedicated account managers will be more than happy to talk through your requirements. They will run a bespoke data count, letting you see exactly what we have available. The quality of our mailing lists means that any free mailing lists cannot match the accuracy, freshness and response for instance.


Our unique and streamlined approach to business data allows us to gather information based on building relationships. With different types of mailing lists available, choose from email, direct mail and telemarketing data. This places you several steps closer to making sales and business growth than your competitors.

Our streamlined service means you can start reaching your target audience, building new relationships and converting future clients within 24-48 hours.


Our UK mailing lists can have many additional field selections. This information is dependent on the mailing list provided. However, we will outline this on all counts and quotes.

Our business data currently totals 15 million B2B records, covering the UK and a large selection of international markets. We can identify by industry SIC codes, location, company size, or specifications you need through market research.

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Business Data Prospects and GDPR.

Our licensing and terms and conditions ensure that all purchases from us and any consequent marketing are GDPR compliant. GDPR consist of rules regarding the processing of data and its purpose and documenting use and possession.

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