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Discover premium UK and global business data. Purchase data. Accurate and easy data purchase for email, telephone and direct mail, 100% Guaranteed.

Data Purchase

Important data purchase points.

  • Over 15,000,000 global B2B records available
  • 100% guarantee
  • GDPR-compliant data purchase
  • Only independent data owner in the UK
  • Buy Data, simple and easy data purchase
  • Award-winning

Business Data Prospects are very proud to be the only independent data owner based inside the United Kingdom and to are internationally recognised for data purchase.

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We take pride in our data and ensure that all our business data has passed through five layers of checks and validations prior to despatch of our business database.

Our 100% guarantee ensures that you are provided with the most accurate and up-to-date contact details that are currently available. We are the UK’s only B2B data provider who offer such a guarantee on all of our business data, out of data suppliers UK.

Get High Quality Data.


    Purchase Data.

    Our different approach in the way we work in comparison to other data providers shows in our unique business data. We provide bespoke data for your marketing campaigns and can also manage your campaign for you. We offer a range of resources for your B2B marketing campaigns requiring businesses email, telephone and direct mail contact details to promote your business.

    Accurate Data Purchase.

    When you buy data from Business Data Prospects, we will help you to reach your perfect customers and enhance your return on investment with data that fits your needs. We have found that targeted and accurate business data is the key player in the success of a rewarding marketing campaign. We ensure full accuracy in your data purchase, and we do this by researching and identifying contacts who match your campaign specifications. This turns B2B data into information which is useful and profitable for your business.

    Data Purchase Guarantee.

    When you buy data from Business Data Prospects, you are provided with a 100% guarantee. As we are the UK’s only data provider to supply a 100% guarantee with business data, we give you the peace of mind and reassure our clients that our data is accurate and up-to-date. We take pride in our work and provide solutions that work for you.


    The GDPR and DPA compliance policies which we have in place help ensure that your campaign and strategy is in safe hands. Our tailored data packages and all data purchases from BDP adhere the standards of data protection which also means your campaign stays compliant too. Contact us today to see the availability of our fully compliant B2B data. ICO registered.

    “I was very pleased by the level of service provided to Thomson Reuters by BDP.
    The research was competitively priced. The quality of the email data provided was high.
    I would not hesitate in using BDP again.”
    – Thomson Reuters

    A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

    Expand your marketing reach with a data purchase today

    Data Purchase Fields

    Our business data comes with the following fields:

    Business name.

    Full address.

    Personal contact name.

    Personal email address.

    Position / Job Title.


    Further options for segmentations include:

    Trade / Industry.



    Geographical Availability

    BDP are the leading data provider in the UK. We also have data available to target global markets.







    Middle East.

    North America.

    South America.

    Industry Breakdowns

    We have market researched and have in-depth intelligence in industries such as:






    Estate agents.


    IT Managers & Directors.

    HR Managers & Directors.


    All of our B2B data is cross-referenced against sources of high authority. There are three main sources which we validate our market research against; Companies House, BT and Royal Mail. The process which our data will undertake consists of stringent validations and checks against all three sources to verify our data.


    There are 5 main steps in our process to validate all data, making sure that we only provide the freshest data for successful campaigns.

    To begin with, we cross-reference our company details against Companies House, then we validate our data against Royal Mail to check and confirm address details. From here, ‘gone away’ files further ensures accuracy by allowing us to suppress any relevant records. Our contact centre on a daily basis carries out validations on additional fields which can include job titles and personal B2B email addresses. Further to this, all emails are then checked via an in-house system at the point of order. We do this prior to despatch of the data which helps make sure you are provided with the most accurate data available. To finalise our research, we will verify all telephone numbers against BT. This verifies that the contact details we hold are live and in use.

    We carry out the above verifications 2-3 days before our client receives the data in order to supply the most up-to-date data possible.

    Data Purchase Processing.

    Before you begin your campaign you must determine a lawful basis for processing data. There is a total of 6 lawful grounds for the processing of data, none of which are more significant or better than an alternative lawful basis. Have you determined your lawful basis?

    GDPR web 2

    Our resources section explains more about our GDPR policies.

    BDP Email Data & GDPR

    Our licensing and terms and conditions ensure that all purchases from us and any consequent marketing undergone is GDPR compliant. GDPR regulations consist of rules regarding the processing of data and its purpose, as well as documenting use and possession.


    Our team of business data experts are talented individuals who have helped national and international brands see great returns on their campaigns and driving incredible return on investment. We combine quality research and market intelligence. Accompanied together, they produce genuinely effective campaigns. This saves time by contacting only the right contacts. Our talented team of B2B data providers UK can find your ideal target market to help you experience successful campaigns and receive a better response than any B2C data providers UK can guarantee.


    We can provide counts and quotes on the same day they are requested. All are free and are sent over with no obligation for a data purchase. We would be delighted to talk through your requirements with you in order to see exactly what we have available. Make sure to contact us or request a call back and we can begin the process of increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

    Unique data purchase.

    We take a unique approach in the collection of our business data. As B2B data providers UK, we believe building the right relationships is one of the most effective ways of B2B marketing. A lot of companies will just focus on increasing the overall size of your contact list. We believe in quality over quantity. When you purchase data from Business Data Prospects, we put you several steps closer to sales and position you ahead of your competition. This gives your business a better chance to grow than your competitors, allowing you to dominate your field. We are the leading data providers UK.


    We can provide many selections on our business to business data lists. The selection criteria will be dependent on your requirements and the type of data provided. We always outline this in all quotes. With over 15 million global B2B records and 5 million in the UK alone, we are sure we will have data meeting your criteria. We make buying data simple, easy and stress-free. BDP make data purchase for calling, email and direct mail a great experience. Contact one of our dedicated team today or request a call back to discuss your perfect target audience.

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