Lead Generation: 5 Proven B2B Strategies That Work.

Obtaining high-quality leads is critical to making a marketing campaign pay off. Obtaining high-quality leads is critical to making a marketing campaign pay off. Yet a majority of business-to-business or B2B Data marketers report their biggest problem at present. They say it is obtaining high-quality leads or potential customers who are likely to engage with[…]

Top Data-Based Email Segmentation Tips for Email Marketers

Email segmentation tips that you need to know…  According to eConsultancy’s Email Marketing Census, 67% of those surveyed indicated they were ‘quite’ or ‘very’ satisfied with their automated email marketing efforts (econsultancy.com/blog/69015-three-key-findings-from-the-2017-email-marketing-census). Are you a business builder wanting to put the lead generation power of email data marketing to work for your company? It is[…]

Top Telesales Marketing Practices

Top Telesales Marketing Practices Many companies laugh off the idea of using sales or telemarketing professionals to generate leads or close business over the phone. Yet, the biggest companies and best firms in most industries are using telemarketing data in their telesales marketing as part of their arsenal to accelerate their sales and drive their growth.

How to improve B2B database marketing

Improving B2B Database Marketing For an effective marketing campaign, your B2B database is one of your most significant assets. Alongside accurate and up to date B2B data, here are some tips to help improve your B2B database marketing. Whether you’re using account based marketing (ABM) or running cold call campaigns to reach leads. It’s not only significant to[…]

4Networking – The Social Business Network

4Networking, a UK business network. Business networking is a booming industry. As networking has become, for many businesses, the best way to find new prospects and clients. At the forefront of the growth of business networking is 4Networking, www.4networking.biz. Which reinvented the format over 6 years ago and is now the largest joined-up business network in[…]

3 Myths About Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing Lists Myths It has long been held that telemarketing campaigns have failed as a tool for businesses. Also, that telemarketing lists are becoming less critical. However, in reality, this is far from the truth. To some extent, telemarketing is a staple in the business industry. In particular, B2B can benefit a great deal from telemarketing.[…]

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