Lead Generation: 5 Proven B2B Strategies That Work.

Obtaining high-quality leads is critical to making a marketing campaign pay off. Obtaining high-quality leads is critical to making a marketing campaign pay off. Yet a majority of business-to-business or B2B Data marketers report their biggest problem at present. They say it is obtaining high-quality leads or potential customers who are likely to engage with[…]

Content Marketing Strategies for Business

5 Effective Content Marketing Strategies For All Businesses Whether you’re trying to get the word out about your new startup business or you’re trying to attract more customers to an existing business, content marketing is the key to reaching as many people as possible. Content marketing involves creating all kinds of content that can catch[…]

What are the Top 3 Digital Marketing Services

The best 3 digital marketing services and why we should use them. Digital marketing services will increase the demand for your business overnight. They are the main tools utilised when promoting your online presence for an increased customer experience. The top 3 digital marketing services here in the UK include: Social Media Email Marketing SEO[…]

Is it legal to buy email lists

How do you buy data? If you’re looking to buy data, we pride ourselves on providing some of the most efficient data lists in the UK. You can purchase your targeted marketing listings here at BDP. BDP’s expertly trained campaign managers know getting it right takes expertise, resources and timing. So if you are looking[…]

What is B2B and Which Industries Cover B2B Companies?

What is B2B – Understanding B2B Companies? Business-to-business (B2B), also called B-to-B, involves business conducted between companies rather than between a company and individual consumers. The most straightforward short term measurement is to look at conversion rates – sales generated as a direct result of a particular campaign. For example, how many units did I[…]

Top Data-Based Email Segmentation Tips for Email Marketers

Email segmentation tips that you need to know…  According to eConsultancy’s Email Marketing Census, 67% of those surveyed indicated they were ‘quite’ or ‘very’ satisfied with their automated email marketing efforts (econsultancy.com/blog/69015-three-key-findings-from-the-2017-email-marketing-census). Are you a business builder wanting to put the lead generation power of email data marketing to work for your company? It is[…]

Chemex International

Chemex International – The True Value of Good Quality Data Using good quality data for a prospecting campaign can make a huge difference in the amount of time and effort required to obtain appointments. This also, of course, it is likely to yield far better results. Business Data Prospects can demonstrate this. Here, we highlight[…]

Top Telesales Marketing Practices

Top Telesales Marketing Practices Many companies laugh off the idea of using sales or telemarketing professionals to generate leads or close business over the phone. Yet, the biggest companies and best firms in most industries are using telemarketing data in their telesales marketing as part of their arsenal to accelerate their sales and drive their growth.

How to improve B2B database marketing

Improving B2B Database Marketing For an effective marketing campaign, your B2B database is one of your most significant assets. Alongside accurate and up to date B2B data, here are some tips to help improve your B2B database marketing. Whether you’re using account based marketing (ABM) or running cold call campaigns to reach leads. It’s not only significant to[…]

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