6 Savvy Ways to Step Up Your Email Marketing Game

Step Up Your Email Marketing  Email marketing remains a reliable workhorse of online promotion, but its longevity means it’s often taken for granted. As a result, it can seem like all its secrets have been learned, and it’s already giving all it can. But while it’s undoubtedly a mature discipline, that doesn’t mean it can’t[…]

7 Ways to Enhance Your Email Subject Lines

7 Ways to Enhance Your Email Subject Lines and Increase Your Open Rates While social media is often the first contact a business may have with potential clients, getting them on your email list is vital to turning many interested prospects into paying clients. Email data marketing is still considered an extremely valuable way to connect[…]

What is a b2b mailing list?

What is the use of a b2b mailing list? When you purchase a new B2B data list, the essential part is to use the list to its full potential to turn your prospects into new clients. It may sound obvious, although sometimes companies dive into purchasing B2B data without considering who they are targeting. Or[…]

Direct Marketing Agency South Yorkshire

Helping South Yorkshire Businesses Business Data Prospects (BDP Agency South Yorkshire) is a local Direct Marketing provider. And are helping companies in South Yorkshire increase business with their current recession-busting file of 1,000 B2B key contacts in the region.

GDPR Consent and Legitimate Interests in B2B Companies

What is Difference between Consent and Legitimate Interest? ‘Consent’ or ‘legitimate interest’ are the two legal bases for processing that are likely to be of interest to marketers. It’s possible that under certain circumstances, consent might be required for marketing data processing, but for most situations, ‘Legitimate Interest’ will be most suitable.  Estimated reading time:[…]

Business Marketing Campaigns will raise your Marketing profile.

Using a Business Marketing Campaign is a great way to stay in touch with customers. You can easily reach out to clients any time, whether it’s offering special deals. Or alternatively giving them an update on a new product. Maybe even wishing them a happy birthday. An example of this, is using Business Email DATA[…]

The 4 Types Of Marketing Emails

What is email marketing and its benefits? Email marketing strategy is an effective way to find new clients, prospects, and audience members. This is an integral step in the acquisition-conversion-retention pipeline. This pipeline, which outlines the steps towards maximizing your goals, is considered the foundation of digital marketing. Here, email campaigns can play an integral[…]

Get A List Of Email Addresses For Free

How do I find my list of email addresses? Company Website Search Engine Base on Similar Email Company Addresses Social Media Page As a marketing tool, a list of email addresses is the biggest utility for marketing. 69% of people agree that email is their personal most popular method of data sharing. However, the open[…]

B2B Data For Your 2021 Marketing Campaigns

Using B2B Data In Your Marketing Campaigns Throughout 2021 Now that many people are returning to work after months of working from home, marketing departments will be giving their all to generate more business. It is important to touch up your marketing strategy to push on in 2021 and ensure that you have the appropriate[…]

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