5 Marketing Research Tips You Can’t Miss

Marketing research is an essential part of any business When you’re trying to pinpoint who your potential customers are, it becomes even more important. Using market research to identify potential customers can be difficult, but thankfully there are some essential and professional tips that will help you along the way. The following are 4 marketing[…]

The Future Of Big Marketing

The future for big marketing seems especially bright Information is power, and this information is being collected at a faster pace by large corporations utilizing the latest technologies. With the smart use of this valuable data, marketers often bestow a competitive edge over themselves in the light of rising competition. Marketing, however, is a tricky[…]

5 Steps to Data-Driven Success

Data-Driven Success in 5 Steps Most marketers are constantly looking for ways that will keep their customers loyal and engaged with their brand. This is easy especially when workable strategies are employed for the purposes of building individual relationships that are based on trust. For this and more to be achieved, marketers should use technology[…]

6th Birthday Of BDP Agency

May 12th 2015 – Marks the 6th Birthday of BDP Agency Business Data Prospects has been successfully operating now for six years, providing unique and exclusive business and consumer data for all of our valuable clients. Our success has been generated by excellent team work on a day to day basis from the BDP family and our loyal[…]

Why Market Research is Essential to Your Business

Why is Market Research Essential for Business? Business Market research is important in every business, and it is inarguably, essential for any business and brand’s success.  It’s important that organisations recognise the benefits that can come from purchasing market research as it’s crucial for setting targets and goals and shouldn’t be just a one-off exercise.[…]

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