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Fully Managed Direct Mail Campaign – £1 Per Letter

Optimize you email deliverability by taking advantage of BDP’s fully managed direct mail campaign service.

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£1 Per Letter!

Here at BDP Agency, we can fully manage your direct mail campaign. By outsourcing the sending of your direct mail campaign, you save a lot of time and money, which can be used elsewhere such as other business activity. This more relaxed approach to direct mail campaigns also alleviates you from the stress and worry of GDPR, let us do the worrying for you. We can do this all at £1.00 per letter!

BDP Agency will fully manage your direct mail campaign. Our campaign managers will consult and analyse with you to draw up with the best solution for your marketing strategy, as well as making recommendations for the most effective opt-in contacts in your target markets. Our in-house team will then begin work researching prospects within your criteria. Our team will handle the fulfilment of printing, collating and mailing out your direct mail campaign.

Are you currently sending direct mail in-house or outsourcing to a mailing house?

Here at BDP, we care for your campaign, unlike other mailing houses who's objective is to just stuff letters and get them sent out without care. We understand your direct mail needs and it is our goal to strategically get the best and optimum response from your campaign.

The key success of a strong direct mail campaign is choosing the most accurate and up-to-date marketing databases. Direct mail is a very effective form of marketing, this is especially the case when accompanied with fresh and accurate direct mail data. If you would like to speak to a member of our dedicated team, please call the number above or fill in the request a call back form so one of our account managers can take more information about your campaign and criteria.

Our Direct Mail databases are built bespoke for each client, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Not only does this ensure that the database is highly effective, it is tailored to your campaign and criteria, therefore guaranteeing you the best results.

With over 15 million direct mail records available, our team will research the right contacts aligned with your criteria for the maximum impact on your campaign.

Direct mail campaigns are often expensive, the delivery and postage costs are higher than they have ever been. This is why using the most accurate and up-to-date data possible is essential to your campaign. At BDP, we are so confident on the quality and freshness of our data, we are the only agency to offer a 100% direct mail data guarantee. Our high quality data ensures you and gives you the confidence that your campaign will reach the correct decision makers. Reaching the right contact is crucial therefore, reaching the right person means less waste and a better ROI from you direct mail marketing campaign.

Simplify the way your business does marketing. Enjoy a relaxed approach to direct mail marketing by allowing us to deliver your campaigns on your behalf. This powerful, yet straightforward approach alleviates you from the stress and worries of the handing of data and GDPR, by allowing us to worry about this for you. Not only does this reduce the stress and worry, it allows you to dedicate the time saved to concentrate on other business activities.




We are the only UK business data provider that offers a 100% guarantee on all our data. We achieve this because we treat our clients and their campaigns as individuals and we create B2B Lists which are fit for purpose and rigorously checked for each client at the point of order.
We make sure that when you purchase any B2B data, whether direct mail data, email data or telemarketing data from us, every list of contacts supplied to you contains business data that is specific, detailed, insightful and tailored to your campaign. We call this market intelligence because it gives you insightful information about your target market so you can capitalize and optimize for a genuinely effective campaign.
Our clients say:
"The best email marketing list we have used in years, the personal contacts enable us to get through to the main decision makers every time"


Not only do BDP Agency provide fully managed direct mail campaigns, we have a wide range of other services to accommodate your marketing needs and requirements. To see our wide range of Services, click here. BDP holds email details for a number of Service Industries - unique BDP market research compiles the top 2000 companies within each industry and have been developed specifically for marketing to these dynamic sectors.

Our records within the service industry currently total 648,000 records. Our extensive list of SIC codes provide you with the option to fully refine your criteria so as you and your sales team reach the highest prospects in your target industry.

These files are constantly growing and are updated regularly. Reach contacts from industries such as:
Hotels, Restaurants, Finance & Banking, Insurance, Estate Agents, Solicitors, Architects, Engineering, Education and Sports Facilities.


Our unique market research Data Cards contain up-to-date business data for the leading industry contacts in each sector and are created exclusively by Business Data Prospects.

BDP data cards are perfect for companies trying to source personal contact details of the top contacts in their target industry. Our most popular Data Cards are:

Commercial Landlord Data, IT Decision Makers Data, Solicitors Data
Human Resources Data, Restaurant Data, Hotel Data, Manufacturing Data, Construction Data, Estate Agents Data, Fleet Managers Data.

View the full list and more details here.


As a strategic marketing agency we specialise in providing bespoke data and managing marketing campaigns that require business data. We offer a comprehensive marketing resource for B2B direct mail, email and telemarketing campaigns.

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BDP Agency - Market Leading Data Company 2020

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About BDP Agency

BDP specialise in consultancy and the management of marketing campaigns requiring worldwide international business data and UK consumer data. We offer a comprehensive marketing resource for B2B telemarketing data, direct mail and consumer email database campaigns.

Our BDP team will design, implement and manage your campaign around your strategic goals. Our strategic approach is guaranteed to give you outstanding results.



We work with major national and international corporate brands to make sure their marketing strategy works harder for them – by providing highly effective database lists and top quality market intelligence and a talented team of data experts for campaign management.